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How Do Drug Use Rates Among American Indian Youth Vary by Region?

Survey findings from a national sample of 9717 self-identified AI youth living on or near reservations were examined to estimate how lifetime and last month use of alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, and methamphetamine differ by gender, grade and region. Logistic models showed that Northern Plains (NP) and Upper Great Lakes (UGL) students were significantly more likely to have been drunk than AI youth living in other regions while the likelihood for marijuana use was significantly higher for NP youth, followed closely by UGL youth. AI students living in the Southwest region were significantly more likely to have used methamphetamines. Oklahoma youth were the least likely to use any of the substances.

The figures below present the population-average fitted probabilities for lifetime use for alcohol, drunkenness, marijuana, inhalants, and methamphetamines.







Miller K.A., Stanley L.R., Beauvais F. (2012).   Regional differences in drug use rates among American Indian youth. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 126(1-2), 35-41.