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Community Readiness

The Community Readiness Model was developed at the Tri-Ethnic Center to assess how ready a community is to address an issue. The basic premise is that matching an intervention to a community’s level of readiness is absolutely essential for success. Efforts that are too ambitious are likely to fail because community members will not be ready or able to respond. To maximize chances for success, the Community Readiness Model offers tools to measure readiness and to develop stage-appropriate strategies.

The Community Readiness Model has been used to assess readiness for a variety of issues, including drug and alcohol use, domestic and sexual violence, head injury, HIV/AIDS, suicide, animal control issues, and environmental issues. Communities have found it helpful because:

Various community readiness services are offered by the Tri-Ethnic Center on a fee per service basis. Tri-Ethnic Center staff can conduct one-day community readiness trainings for organizations at the organization’s location. In addition, trainings are offered periodically at the Tri-Ethnic Center. We can also conduct or assist in readiness assessments, depending on the needs of the client. All services are dependent upon staff availability.

**Upcoming Community Readiness training - TBA**

To register for the training, please download the Community Readiness One-Day Training Registration form.


A handbook describing the assessment process is available for download free of charge. You may also order a printed copy or an electronic copy on a CD-ROM. Please download the order form and send it with a check or money order to the address listed on the order form. Click to download / order handbook.

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